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Royal Tour Update: Royals Touch Down in Oz

Royal Tour Update: Royals Touch Down in Oz


We can now officially confirm that those pictures of Kate rubbing noses with Maoris simply doesn’t get less cute the more pictures of it that you see. Trust us, Sloanies – we’ve researched this one tirelessly for you! Wills, Kate and baby George have had an action-packed week down under since our last Royal Tour report, and from wine tasting to baby playdates to yacht racing, our gorgeous trio…

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Sloanie Reads for Spring

Sloanie Reads for Spring

Sloanie Reads

Whether you fancy packing a few good books in your carry-on for Spring Break travel or if your Kindle’s running low on fresh stock, here are a few tips from us on our favorite high-society reads. So go on – make yourself a proper cup of English Breakfast tea and escape for a while to the eccentric and oh-so-sloanie world of the British upper classes. You’re in for a treat!  (more…)

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Monday moods - Amalfi Holiday

Monday moods – Amalfi Holiday

the wild

Happy Monday, Sloanies.  Today’s Monday Moods post is all about a holiday on the Amalfi coast. After spotting this pin on Pinterest we were instantly transported to a Mediterranean holiday.

The above is a look inspired by an evening dinner spent seaside taking in the view and dining on delicious Italian fare.  We have designed the entire look off of these ahh-mazing palazzo pantsby Parisian…

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Royal Tour Update: New Zealand Welcomes Kate, Wills and George

Royal Tour Update: New Zealand Welcomes Kate, Wills and George


This eight month old baby travels like no other, taking up the entire first class section on his flight to Australia earlier this week as he accompanied his parents on their first royal tour as a family of three. From up-close and personal greetings to some very cute carry-on luggage, here are our top five favorite moments so far from the Royals’ month-long trip down under.  (more…)

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Nail the latest beauty trends for spring/summer - Guest Post

Nail the latest beauty trends for spring/summer – Guest Post

S/S 14 Beauty Trends

In the wake of  last week’s popular Beauty Buzz post, it is sure to say that we have all things beauty on the brain here at Sloanie HQ.  In an effort to continue our beauty discussion, today’s post is brought to you by UK-based lifestyle blogger Katie Griffiths where she shares the current trending beauty looks for S/S 14 …

With the change of season comes a change of beauty trends, but what’s in…

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Sloanie Does Easter


We’re more than halfway through Lent now, and Easter is nearly upon us. Stores are already packed full of chocolaty treats the world over, and London for one is gearing up for a long weekend of sheer indulgence. And since Easter time is synonymous with spring, the Easter weekend is as much a celebration of the incoming summer months as it is a time to see friends and family, take some time off……

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What’s in our tote

What’s in our tote

What's in our tote bag

Here at Sloanie HQ we are loving our new carry-all tote bags, including this #preppyone.  The tote is the ultimate workhorse in your handbag arsenal.  Not only can it hold everything that you might need for a full day away from home with ease, but it also manages to look cute in the process.  Today we give you a rundown of some of our tote bag essentials that we currently won’t leave home…

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The Beauty Buzz From LDN

The Beauty Buzz From LDN


Hot on the (designer) heels of our ‘Travel Like a Sloanie’ article last week, we’re still obsessing over that Mulberry pouch and putting together our wish-lists for the ultimate Sloanie beauty regime. And if London Fashion Weektaught us anything it’s that faces are looking fresh and flawless this season, with strong and natural brows (we know who to thank for that), translucent skin, and nude…

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Tassel Time - Guest Post

Tassel Time – Guest Post


Despite what you may have previously heard, you won’t only find tassels in your grandmother’s closet these days. You’re starting to see this trend everywhere and they’re a great way to add some movement, texture and even some unexpected color to your everyday outfits. Since we’re all still in that transition phase from winter to spring (which isn’t happening fast enough, in my opinion), adding…

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